Mekabu Fucoidan

“Fucoidan” is discovered as one of the Numeri components of Konbu by professor Kirin of Uppsala University in Sweden in 1913 about 100 years ago from now.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “Fucoidan” is collected from Mekabu.

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DC’s “Fucoidan” uses Riken Vitamin Company’s content of 80%. ( The reason why it’s not 100% is to prevent excessive increase in purity and to cause harmful effects such as medicines, and the remaining 20% part also contains unexplained ingredients of Mekabu)

Characteristic (3)

Fucoidan DX’s “Fucoidan” removes salinity, arsenic and iodine. (We have taken steps from picking Mekabu, washing with water, cleaning → pulverization → extraction → separation of liquids → clarification filtration → neutralization → refining → concentration → sterilization → drying/crushing → sieving. It is a natural product of 100% Mekabu extract without any food additives or excipients.)

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, 60mg (5 cups of Wakame and Tofu miso soup) is required.

Ginko Biloba Extract End

Dried Ginko biloba leaves are attached to water and the ingredients contained in the leaves are extracted.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “Ginko Biloba Extract End” contains more than 30 types of flavonoids and terpenoids ginkgolide. (Ginkgolide and bilobaride are components contained only in ginkgo Biloba, and are gaining worldwide attention.)

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DX’s “Ginkgo Biloba Extract End” uses ginkgo leaves of Tama Biochemistry.

Characteristic (3)

Fucoidan DX’s “Ginkgo Biloba Extract End” removes Ginkgolic Acid. (Ginkgo acids, which are the major alkylphenols that cause allergies etc. from Ginkgo Biloba collection, are removed by special extraction technology.)

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, 120mg is required.


DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is one of essential fatty acids and can be ingested from fish such as tuna, bonito.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “DHA” is collected from the eyeball portion of tuna captured in the Pacific Ocean.

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DX’s “DHA” uses edible refined fish oil of Tama Biochemical Co., Ltd.

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, 1,000mg (9 orders of red tuna sashimi) is required.


EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) is an essential fatty acid and can be ingested from fish such as sardines, mackerel, Tuna.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “EPA” is collected from sardines or tuna landing in Japan.

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DX’s EPA uses edible refined fish oil from Tama Biochemistry.

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, 1,000mg (1 or 2 sardines) is required.


Also called Vitamin P, it was discovered in Vitamin C research process.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “Rutin” is extracted and purified from broad - leaved flower buds called Enji.

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DX’s “Rutin” is a crude product of Toyo Suger Co., Ltd. We are using.

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, 30mg (A order of boiled buckwheat noodle) is required.


It was discovered in 1819 by the Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted, from the fruit of pepper.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “Piperine” is collected from black pepper.

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DX’s “Piperine” uses the Ajinomoto Takara Corporation black pepper extract.

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, 50mg (Around 28 grains of black pepper) is required.

Squid Ink (Ikasumi)

It is the one extracted the ink that we collected for defense in the part called “Bokujuno” inside the squid.

Characteristic (1)

Fucoidan DX’s “Ikasumi” is compounded in capsule part with advanced technology.

Characteristic (2)

Fucoidan DX’s “Ikasumi” is the one from Nankai Shoji corporation.

Estimated daily intake

For maintenance of health, Ikasumi cuisine once a week is required.

Management Philosophy

A company that continue to create peace

In our circulation system called "Peace Network System", there is a big characteristic "a new encounter with people, to create peace in the world together." We believe that it is the greatest mission to provide high quality and safe products because it is a business that values new encounters and connections with people. And we will help you with a heartfelt service so that we can satisfy all of our members who love the product. A "good company" that we aim for is to become a company that continues to create "peace of mind and body", "peace of economy" and "peace of society" to our members. We will do our best to realize that.

Business contents

Peace network system is moving with "human thought"

Unique distribution style called peace network system. We were confident of the product. That's why I want to promote the appeal of products quickly. And I was looking for ways to be patronized by as many people as possible. As a result, we have developed our own distribution method "Peace Network System". This is a direct trading system adopting direct selling method, member introduction by word of mouth and direct customer trading system where customers who become a member order products to company. We fulfill all the conditions that we aim for speed, convenience, cheapness, immediate effect, mutual aid. I want to convey the benefits that I felt to the important people. The thought of each such member will spread to domestic and world. Our "peace network system" is moving with "human thought". "Customers who can see their face", such a direct relationship leads to a bond with us and our members.

New 5 Year Vision

Aiming for sales number 1 entrepreneur in Tohoku. In 2023, when we celebrated the 17th year of our founding, we announced the "Three Peace Group New 5 Year Vision"

This vision stipulates the direction that the Three Peace Group continues to contribute to peace of people in preventive medicine for the next five years, aiming to be "the number one company in Tohoku". In order to realize this vision, we will continue to concentrate our business domains on preventive medicine and promote preventive medicine with cutting-edge technologies and the best business model required for the times.

From venture company to major company

To make Three Peace Group as the most acclaimed company in the field of “preventative medicine”, we would not set our limits on any specific technology or business model. We would build partnership with talented people following the demands of the era. We aim to become a corporate group that can grow into a 3 billion yen company.

Strategic synergy group

By implementing a strategic synergistic group that can evolve and propagate autonomously, Three Peace Group envision to expand its group branch that shares ambition nationwide within 5 years.

Three Peace Resort

In order to discover, nurture and recruit successors who will be in the next era of the Three Peace Group, we would like to establish six three-peace resorts under each branch and 30 locations across the country within five years.The resort will be open to anyone related to Three Peace Group and serve to enrich its culture, but it will also offer accommodations for individual or family business and travel.

Establishment of General Association Seahawks' Association

The general association of “Seahawks’ Association” is established to aim that everyone in the Three Peace Group would contribute to peace of the society in long-term and the company to be considered as significant corporate group. Kou Kasuya, the founder, will support the group of Junior baseball group who lost their place of activity in the Great East Japan Earthquake as the first president.


Company name Three Peace Co., Ltd.
Address 2-1-14 Kakyouin Building 13th Floor Kakyouin Aoba-ku Sendai-City Miyagi, Japan
Chairman Kou Kasuya
President Kin Ka
Board member Kin Tetsu
Established June 19, 2007
Banks of account The 77 Bank, Ltd. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Co. The Sendai Bank, Ltd. Resona Bank, Ltd.
TEL / FAX +81-22-212-1531/+81-22-212-1532
Customer Center Tall free 0120-604-176
Weekdays 10am-12pm 1pm-5pm
Business Health food


Central office 2-1-14 Kakyouin Building 13th Floor Kakyouin Aoba-ku Sendai-City Miyagi, Japan
Distribution Center 25-6 Matsuzakikamiakada Kesennuma Miyagi, Japan
Tokyo Resort 1-5-2 Ariake Koutou-ku Tokyo, Japan
Osaka Resort 1-7-7 Koraibashi Chuou-ku Osaka-City Osaka, Japan
TokaiResort 4-60-5 Hiraike-cho Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
Kansai Resort 4-45-1 Shouwaminamidouri Amagasaki-City Hyougo, Japan
Shikoku Resort 6-12-11 Edamatsu Matsuyama-City Ehime, Japam
Kyushu Resort 1-8-18 Daimyo Chuuou-ku Fukuoka-City Fukuoka, Japan/td>
Okinawa Resort 1-1-25 Omoromachi Naha-City Okinawa, Japan


June 2007Three Peace Co., Ltd. Established
December 2008 Kesennuma Distribution Center Established
July 2009 Central office moved to new location
July 2010 Started Kuroneko Yamato electronic money service
March 2011 Acquired healthy food GMP product mark
August 2011 Newsletter「Kesennuma Dayori」first issue
August 2011Kansai resort Installation
April 2012 Fucoidan DX National Hiroshima University clinical Trial completion
June 2012 5th anniversary of Three Peace establishment
November 2012 Upgraded 「Fucoidan DX」released
March 2013 Seahawk Association established
April 2013 Osaka Branch Open
April 2013 Shikoku resort Installation
October 2013 Online shop temporary open
January 2014 Newsletter 「Rising body temperature brings you good luck」First issue
May 2014 Online shop official open
September 2014 1st convention at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
January 2015 Traffic Accident Insurance Service start
May 2015 Stared acquisition service for body temperature manager
June 2015 Tokyo resort Installation
June 2015 2nd convention at New Archaic Hotel
October 2015 Free accounting service started
March 2016 3rd convention at Hotel Grand Terrace Toyama
June 2016 Toyama resort Installation
October 2016 Osaka resort Installation
December 2016 Received The 5th NB Award
March 2017 Okinawa resort Installation
August 2017 4th convention at TKP Garden City Shinagawa
August 2017 Kyushu resort Installation
November 2017 Free FM shop official open
February 2018 Official application start
August 2018 Start of three-piece car service
February 2019 TokaiResortInstallation

Origin of company name・Logo

Company name : To be a company that continues to create peace

Three peace started with the sale of "Fucoidan DX" which was developed with hints from Japanese cuisine in 2007. Our company name “Three Peace” literally means ‘three kinds of peace’. It represents our determination to promote three kinds of peace through our products.

Logo:Volkswagen of preventive medicine society

The three-piece group's brand logo is a motif of Volkswagen's logo.

Koich Kasuya’s persistent enthusiasm for ThreePeaceGroup.Those who are inspired by his passion comes together to make it comes true.

The Company ‘Three Peace’ reminds the establishment of a company founded about a century ago ? Volkswagen. Under the national car plan “To provide cheap and high performance cars”, Volkswagen's first commercial model - "Type 1" beetle ? was launched in 1945. This car became a big hit with streamlined form and lovely design, solding more than 20 million units in total. While other automakers are changing their designs to cope with the trend, Volkswagen cherishes old-fashioned designs, which gives a birth to the present New Beetle beyond the times. With everlasting passion, the company still holds the biggest car brand in European market. Volkswagen’s everlasting passion that aims to achieve the single vision deeply touched our heart. As to show respect, we create our brand symbol based on Volkswagen’s banner. Three peace’s product released in 2007 - “Fucodian DX” also have embraced Volkswagen’s ‘everlasting passion, displaying that our company pursue to be one like his in the preventative medicine industry. This symbol represents Three Peace Groups’ fervent dedication to the ‘everlasting passion’.

The three ‘V’s mean "peace of mind and body", "peace of the economy", "peace of society".

The overlapping of the three V symbolizes "to seek simultaneously", using "red ・ blue ・ green". It signifies our concern that anyone in the area of preventative medicine in Japan Would pursue the peace of body&mind, economy and society. To signify that "Three Peace" ? our purpose and aim - that has the solution for this, we used the above symbol. The character type of "Three Peace" embraces the historic Mincho type, with the meaning of constantly continuing to create peace while keeping on history.

Advisory company

Kano Labor management office (Labor Counselor)

Michio Mori Petent office (General Counselor)

Panasia Corporation (Computer Counselor)

Participating organizations

NPO Japan Reform forum

Nationwide direct sales distribution association Co., Ltd.

Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association


会員の方はもちろん。まだスリーピース会員でない方とも“Face to Face”でお話が出来るサロンは、私たちの顔とも言える大切な場所です。


2-1-14 Kakyouin Building 13th Floor Kakyouin Aoba-ku Sendai-City Miyagi, Japan
TEL:022-212-1531 FAX:022-212-1532





The heart is always three peace.
I want to warm people through this product.

I still can not forget the sight of the great east Japan earthquake. -Black burnt in fire, Brown of rubbles and sands, and Blue of the sea calm down like nothing. When I saw these three color sights, I passed sadness and felt history. As a local company that was miraculously saved, I am feeling about the importance of peace. I will challenge the company and its customers to contort create peace by warming the mind and body through products.

The heart is always three peace.

President and CEO Kinka




カスタマーセンター フリーダイヤル 0120−604−176

To be a member

call Three Peace customer center 0120-604-176.